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Agroforestry to fight the water crisis in Germany: features on German TV and radio


Agroforestry is represented quite prominently in German TV and radio recently in the context of climate change and the resulting water crisis. The selected statements could help to transport the topic further into the population and politics. The need to improve the framework conditions is obvious.

In technical terms, the contribution is unfortunately somewhat superficial compared to the recorded content of a total of 3 days of shooting. This means that classical farmers will probably not be motivated to plant agroforestry. But they are not the target group of the plan-b TV format.

In the meantime, the agroforestry strips in Märkisch Wilmersdorf have grown a bit compared to the shooting. Of course, you can't expect miracles on this site, but given the generally not very favourable weather conditions, the poplars have held their own quite well.

You can see the practice of planting poplars using cuttings. The replanting for the ZDF report, by the way, only affected a small part of the strips of wood where the soil was obviously too dry due to the water consumption of the previous crop (the break was only just before planting), so that the cuttings were unable to form roots in some cases.

Also in September, on 17.9.2020 to be precise, a wonderful 27-minute radio podcast on agroforestry was broadcasted on Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR Radio). Some of the quotes are still from the Forum AFS in Freising. We think that this is a very successful contribution, because agroforestry is reflected in many different ways and of course because the German Association for Agroforestry (DeFAF) takes a corresponding position.  

Benedikt Bösel & Rico Hübner