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The 2nd European Agroforestry Conference (an event organized every two years by EURAF) took place from 4 to 6 June 2014 in Cottbus (Germany), under the subject of:


The conference aimed to provide a platform for people from diverse backgrounds to present, discuss, and debate critical issues related to agroforestry. It was hosted by the Brandenburg University of Technology, with the assitance of CEBra - Centrum fur Energietechnologie Brandenburge.

Conference Book is available for download here

Conference Programme is available for download here

Keynote Speeches, Wednesday, 4th June 2014

BMEL (presented by Georg von Wühlisch): Further development of the CAP after 2013 with special focus on agroforestry systems/SRF. Download here.

Mélanie Lamaison (AlienorEU): Lobbying for Agroforestry in the EU. Download here.

Patrick Worms (World Agroforestry Centre): Agroforestry: key to the development challenge. Download here.

Florian Schöne (NABU): Integrating science & policy to promote agroforestry in practice – A nature conservation perspective. Download here.

Diomy Zamora, University of Minnesota / AFTA's president.

Thursday, 5th June 2014

Session I: New insights into carbon, water and nutrient cycling in agroforestry 

Gerardo Moreno: Pasture management under hardwood plantations: legume implantation vs. mineral fertilization (Spain). Download here.

Rémi Cardinael, Tiphaine Chevallier, Bernard Barthès, Christian Dupraz, Claire Chenu: Soil carbon sequestration in a Mediterranean agroforestry system (France). Download here.

G. Issa, A. A. Kimaro, J. D. Knight and J. Kort: Biophysical Interactions in the Alley Cropping System in Saskatchewan (Canada, Tanzania). Download here.

R.S. Dhillon, R.S. Beniwal, G. von Wühlisch: Carbon Sequestration in a Poplar Agroforestry System in India with Wheat and other Crops at Different Spacing and Row Directions (India, Germany). Download here.

Session II: Policy proposals and impacts

Sylvie Guillerme: Agroforestry in the French Green and Blue Corridors policy: towards promotion of trees (France)? Download here

Andrea Pisanelli, P. Paris, D. Marandola, R. Romano, S. Marongiu, A. Rosati: The role of EU rural development policy in supporting agroforestry systems in EU (Italy). Download here.

Fernando Pulido: Towards a joint strategy for Iberian oak agroforestry systems: acknowledging the value of dehesas and montados (Portugal, Spain). Download here.

Mahbubul Alam, Alain Olivier, Alain Paquette, Jérôme Dupras, Jean-Pierre Revéret, Christian Messier: A Methodological Framework for Quantification and Valuation of Ecosystem Services of Tree-Based Intercropping Systems (France). Download here.

Session III: Environmental benefits provided by agroforestry

Sebastian Wolfrum: Do agroforestry systems promote a thriving nightlife? Assessing bat activity with an easy to use standardized protocol (Germany).

David Grandgirard: SCA0PEST Pesticide-free agroforestry cropping system: ex-ante performances evaluation (France). Download here.

Christian Böhm, Michael Kanzler and Dirk Freese: Impact of black locust hedgerows on wind velocity and wind erosion in Eastern Germany. Download here.

Josée Owen and Sheldon Hann: Variable-width Buffers to Reduce Sediment Pollution from Potato Production on Steep Slopes: Analysis of Black Brook Watershed using AgBufferBuilder (Canada, USA). Download here.

Session IV: Agroforestry for land reclamation

Marina Castro Esther Fernández-Núñez: Small ruminants as a fire management tool in a Mediterranean mountain region (Portugal). Download here.

Rosa Mosquera-Losada: Celtic pig production in chesnut extensive systems in Galicia (Spain).
Download here.

Michael Kanzler, Christian Böhm, Ansgar Quinkenstein: Alley Cropping – A promising multifunctional form of land use for reclaimed lignite mine sites in Germany (Germany). Download here.

Éva Bozsik: Modeling of agroforestry in Natura 2000 habitat site in Hungary. Download here

Session V: Innovative solutions for sustainable agriculture with agroforestry

Paula Gaspar: Valuation of grazing resources in agroforestry systems: an example of extensive livestock farms of Spanish Dehesas (Spain).

Alfredo Sendim: Holistic agroforestry system in practice. Just an idea or is there a living model (Portugal). Download here.

Göran Spangenberg, Prof.Dr. Sebastian Hein, Joachim Schneider: Combining hens for egg production and trees for wood chips in an agroforestry system (Germany). Download here.

Paul J Burgess, V Belot, E Buachie, J Cuartero de Frias, K Nedved, E Rodríguez Arquero: The Economics of Woodland Eggs in the UK. Download here.

Paris P, Andre J,   Facciotto G, Tosi L, Nahm M, Morhart C, Douglas GC, Lunny R, Dupraz C, Graves A: Alley coppice: an innovative land use system - options of system design with experimental evidence (Italy, Germany, Ireland, France, UK). Download here.

Poster presentations:

  1. Ferreiro-Domínguez N, Palma J, Rigueiro-rodríguez A, Minnuno F, Mosquera-Losada M R: Calibration of the parameters of the Yield-SAFE model in silvopastoral systems under Pinus radiata D. Don (Spain). Download here
  2. Robert Borek: Options and restrictions for Agroforestry in Poland.
  3. T.V. Medinski: Soil respiration in alley-cropping system composed of black locust and poplar trees (Germany).Download here
  4. A. Sieffert: Trees for bees and sustainabiliy (France).
  5. A. Sieffert: From research to the field…developing a third generation agroforestry (France).
  6. A. Vityi, B. Marosvölgyi, Z. Szalai, A. Varga: Agroforestry research and development in Hungary. Download here
  7. Alberto Mantino, Enrico Bonari: New experience in Mediterranean areas: production and nutritive value of perennial forage species in agroforestry rainfed systems (Italy). Download here
  8. Monique Bestman: Goats chose for trees when given free choice (Netherlands). Download here
  9. Eugene Curran: Agroforestry and the Afforestation Programme in the Republic of Ireland. Download here
  10. A. Sieffert, C. Lavigne, F. Warlop, V.  Le Pichon, S. Bellon, M. Tchamitchian, L. Castel,  G. Vercambre: Co-Design of innovative Periurban Horticultural Agroforestry Systems. Case Study of a pilot farm in the South of France. Download here
  11. Geneviève LAROCHE, Jean MERCIER, Alain OLIVIER: Agricultural, forest and rural policy sectors’ receptiveness to agroforestry intercropping systems in Quebec (Canada). Download here
  12. Thevathasan N V, Gordon A M, Wotherspoon A, Graungaard K,
    Dunfield K, Jefferies D, Heck R, Coleman R, Voroney R P: Tree-based intercropping: A land-use for greenhouse gas mitigation in Canadian agricultural systems (India, Canada). Download here
  13. Bohdan Lojka, Antonín Martiník: Agroforestry in Czech Republic – present state and perspectives (Czech Republic). Download here
  14. Hein S, Parbhoo B, Hammer A: Behaviour of Degradable Tree Shelters in an Agro-Forestry Environment (Germany, UK). Download here
  15. Boki Luske: Could tree leaves serve as a mineral supplement for dairy cows and goats (The Netherlands)? Download here
  16. Daza A., Camacho M., Romero de la Osa L., Santamaría C.: Mycelium patterns of two edible ectomycorrhizal mushrooms in the soil of a chestnut grove (Spain). Download here
  17. Charles Burriel: The Knowledge Data Bank, (KBD), in the AgroFE project (EU Leonardo ToI project) (France).
  18. C. Fürstenau and A. Vetter: Short rotation coppices along watercourses – an innovative combination of sustainable agriculture and water protection (Germany). Download here
  19. Grandgirard D., Combaud A., Mercadal A.M., Liagre F., Bachevillier Y., Marin A.: Territorial agroforestry design using GIS-KB DSS for catchment water quality recovery (France). Download here
  20. Mézière D., Bachevillier Y., Canet A., Carlier B., Grandgirard D., Liagre, F., Dupraz C.: RMT “AgroforesterieS”: a new Mixed Technological Network for agroforestry development in France. Download here
  21. Eugene Curran: Agroforestry and the Afforestation Programme in the Republic of Ireland. Download here
  22. Falk Richter, Martin Jansen, Norbert Lamersdorf: Reduced groundwater recharge under short rotation coppice plantations – may agroforestry help to lessen the enhanced water consumption (Germany)? Download here
  23. Felix Herzog, Mareike Jäger, Monika Kuster: On-farm monitoring of agroforestry
    innovations (Switzerland). Download here
  24. Frederique Santi: Creating numerous forestry varieties for agroforestry lines: renewing old methods (France). Download here
  25. G. Busch: Where to implement Short Rotation Agroforestry Systems? A spatially- explicit approach to derive site suitability with respect tofrom site conditions and field geometries (Germany).
  26. G. Busch: How could Agroforestry Systems provide beneficial effects  on ecosystem services? – An assessment framework to support regional governance of climate protection goals in the Göttingen district (Germany).
  27. Gálya Bernadett: Black locust (Robinia pseudoacacia L.) - an invasive alien species or potentially species plantation of agroforestry in Pannonian ecoregion (Hungary).
    Download here.
  28. Moreno G, Pulido F, González-Bornay G, López-Díaz ML, Bertomeu M, Juárez E.: The role of scattered trees and habitat diversity for biodiversity of Iberian dehesas (Spain). Download here
  29. Gerardo MORENO , Víctor ROLO and María Lourdes LÓPEZ-DÍAZ: Interactions among plant layers in shrub-encroached Iberian dehesas and consequences for their persistence (Spain). Download here
  30. ML López Díaz, G Moreno, M Bertomeu: Silvopastoral management for quality wood production (Spain). Download here
  31. Catalán M., Palomo G., Rey-Benayas J.M., Redondo J.M., Moreno G.: Holistic Management approach as a tool for dehesa/montado restoration (Spain). Download here
  32. Crous-Duran, J.; Paulo, J.A.; Palma, J.H.N.: Carbon balance estimation for agroforestry land use alternatives in Portugal. Download here
  33. Palma, J.H.N.: CliPick - Climate change web picker. Bridging climate and biological modeling scientific communities (Portugal). Download here
  34. Palma, J.H.N.; Crous-Duran, J.; Merouani, H.; Paulo, J.A.; Tomé, M.:  Innovating tree plantation design: spiralographing agroforestry (Portugal). Download here
  35. Jean-Louis Pacito, Odile Jacquemin: Biomimicry, Ecomimetism, Agroforestry and Landscapes (France).
  36. John Kort: Allometry of green ash (Fraxinus pennsylvanica Marsh.) in shelterbelts: The determination of porosity and stem/branch distribution by image analysis and field measurements (Canada).
  37. John Kort: Seabuckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides); breeding for commercial production and phytochemical profile, and incorporation in agroforestry systems in Canada.
  38. K. Sungthongwises, R. Poss and J.J. Drevon: Effects of P on Vigna unguiculata cv. 305 and Stylosanthes hamata cv. Verano symbiosis in the field of a rubber-tree plantation (France). Download here
  39. Justine Lamerre, Kai-Uwe Schwarz, Maren Langhof, Georg von Wühlisch and Jörg-Michael Greef: Energy wood production in alley cropping agroforestry systems (Germany). Download here
  40. Konrad Lorenz: Results for net primary production from with biologically treated wastewater irrigated poplars and willows in short rotation coppices (Germany).
  41. L. Chmeliková: Effect of tree species and location within tree strips on plant species richness and composition in agroforestry systems (Germany).
  42. L. Chmeliková: Different trees - different regeneration ability: assessing the number of sprouts after first harvest in organic and integrated agroforestry systems (Germany).
  43. Linda Hartmann: Setting up a willow short rotation plantation as an alley cropping system – aspects on nutrient cycling and yield development (Germany).
  44. Linda S. Jung, Manuela Bärwolff, Armin Vetter: Evolution of crop yields and qualities in a short rotation coppice alley cropping system in Central Germany. Download here
  45. Tosi L, Nahm M, Paris P, Pisanelli A, Lunny R, Morhart C, Graves A: Social and economic evaluation of innovative alley coppice systems mixing timber trees with bioenergy wood crops in agroforestry systems (Italy, Germany). Download here
  46. Miriam Ehret, Rüdiger Graß and Michael Wachendorf: Solid biofuel and biogas production from a grassland-willow alley cropping system (Germany). Download here
  47. Markus Schmidt, Tobias Böhme, Sören Krämer, Peter Rademacher, Dieter Murach: Water use and productivity of poplar and willow in SRC plantations in NE Germany along gradients of groundwater depth (Germany). Download here
  48. Mélanie Lamaison: Agreau (France).
  49. Michael Jacobson: The state of alley cropping systems for bioenergy (USA).
  50. Molto Quentin: Is light competition between trees and crops a limiting factor for agroforestry systems at high latitudes (France)?
  51. Monique Bestman: Goats chose for trees when giving free choice (The Netherlands). Download here
  52. Nora Koim: Growth performance and survival of poplar and willow in waterlogged soils – a comparison of two sites (Germany). Download here
  53. Mosquera-Losada MR, Rigueiro-Rodríguez A, Ferreiro-Domínguez N: Tree growth in a silvopastoral system established in acid soils with Pinus radiata D. Don (Spain). Download here
  54. Paula Gaspar: Environmental, economic and social indicators of rural development in agroforestry areas (Spain). Download here
  55. Paula Gaspar: Cattle production in agroforestry systems. An analysis on the role of intensification and dependence of subsidies (Spain). Download here
  56. Jennemann: Ecologically sound sites, establishment and cultivation of short rotation coppice (SRC) and SRC-strips (Germany).
  57. Rut Serra, Ing. Tech. Agr., Msc., Dr. Christopher Opio,  Dr. Damase P. Khasa,  Dr. Oscar García: Profitability of sheep grazing in British Columbia, Canada. Download here
  58. Rainer Schlepphorst: SUNFUEL II - Project: Shelterbelt of fast growing tree species for mitigation of wind erosion and carbon sequestration in an open landscape of northeast Germany. Download here
  59. Ricardo Kaufer: The influence of policy sectors on agroforestry in Germany.
  60. Lunny, Rory; McAdam, Jim; Douglas, Gerry: Alley Coppice: Combining Willow SRC with Poplar and Cherry trees (UK). Download here
  61. Homar-Sánchez C.A., Rigueiro-Rodríguez A., Mosquera-Losada M.R., Urbán-Martínez I., Santacruz-Pérez D., González-Fernández B., Ruano Pérez M., Licea Moreno R.: Juglans growth under ploughing and Vicia villosa sowing understory management (Spain). Download here
  62. Iglesias A, Rigueiro-Rodríguez A, Santiago-Freijanes J.J., Perez C, Rodriguez I. M., Carril J. A., Mosquera-Losada M. R.: Analysis of a silvopastoral system with animals of the autochthonous swine breed Porco Celta in Galicia (Spain). Download here
  63. Rosa Mosquera-Losada, Antonio Riguero-Rodríguez and Esther Fernández-Núnez: Pasture production and quality in silvopastoral systems established with pine and downy birch after fourteen years of development (Spain). Download here
  64. Sarah Keutmann, Philipp Grundmann, Götz Uckert: How two business models respond to current challenges of agrowood production: The case of Brandenburg/Germany. Download here
  65. Tricia Pollock: Agroforestry for Greenhouse Gas Mitigation in Canada.
  66. V. Ivecik: Potential of growing crops between poplar rows in hybrid poplar plantations in Croatia.
  67. Wolfgang Zehlius-Eckert: The potential function of short rotation coppice strips for birds and ground beetles (Coleoptera, Carabidae) (Germany). Download here
  68. Ansgar Quinkenstein: Model-based analysis of the carbon sequestration potential of short rotation coppices on reclaimed lignite mine sites (Germany). Download here
  69. Sidonie Artru: Winterwheat and summer shade (Belgium)?

Field trip. Excursion Guide is available for download here.

  • large-scale opencast lignite mining operation areas/recultivation areas (with fast growing tree species)
  • pilot facility with alley cropping / fast growing tree species
  • 6 ha vineyard
  • natural succession area
  • lunch near an agricultural area with alley cropping
  • traditional agroforestry systems in the Spreewald (FP7 projects)


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