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Final statement of the 6th European Agroforestry Conference

We, participants in the 6th European Agroforestry Conference organized by the European Agroforestry Federation in Nuoro from 16 to 20 May 2022, are aware that, while we meet to share our knowledge, strengthen scientific collaborations, enjoy the hospitality of the wonderful Sardinian land and its people, a terrible war of aggression in Ukraine is depriving millions of people of what is most dear to them: life and freedom.
The world risks worsening the availability of food supplies, seriously affecting the access to food by hundreds of millions of other human beings.
The latest crisis together with the two fundamental crises, climate change and the dramatic loss of biodiversity, have unpredictable effects.
In recent years, the European Union has adopted courageous policies on food security, climate protection, biodiversity conservation, trying to find a difficult but necessary balance between economic, environmental and social sustainability.
In the face of the catastrophic effects of the war in Ukraine, many proposals have been made to suspend the policies based on the integration of agriculture, climate protection and biodiversity conservation.
The word "agroforestry" finds a lot of space within European strategies but it is struggling to turn into concrete actions, as unfortunately we can see by analyzing the strategic plans presented by the various European member states in view of the new 2023-27 programming of the Common Agricultural Policy.
We, participants in the 6th European Agroforestry Conference, believe, on the basis of the results of scientific research and the experience of many farmers, that the different forms of agroforestry are the best answer to produce commodities while preserving the soil, defending the climate, biodiversity and water resources, adding value to the beauty of rural landscapes and preserving our common European cultural heritage.
We know how the voice of young people is important to advocate the environmental and social issues linked to food production. The high number of students and young researchers participating at this conference is a strong message of willingness for change which cannot be missed.
Also the high number of women attending this meeting and their valuable contribution to science, innovation and leadership to transition towards a more sustainable farming system are an important sign and a wish for women to have more central roles in agroecological sectors at different levels.
The numerous countries represented at this meeting show the need to find a place where to confront and find cooperation in science and development.
For five days EURAF2022 in Sardinia has been the house for such confrontation. From Nuoro we'll keep on encouraging and sharing knowledge and culture which are at the basis of our freedom. Our voices unify in one common message to strongly encourage comprehensive and integrated strategies to protect our global health.
Giustino Mezzalira, Donatella Spano, Anna Panozzo, Francesca Camilli