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EURAF welcomes Denmark

In May this year Denmark entered EURAF with ten members. The national delegates elected for the EURAF Executive Committee is Mette Kronborg and Sybille Kyed.

Mette Kronborg has a PhD in economic botany and agroforestry systems in Western Africa. Now working as an organic agroforestry consultant at Organic Denmark (the Danish NGO for organic farmers and markets), she has taken agroforestry into a Danish context and has in recent years investigated its potential as a more sustainable food production system and its relevance among farmers. Since 2018 she has overseen several agroforestry projects where a focal point has been to increase the implementation of agroforestry in the organic branch of the Danish agricultural sector. Alongside this she has been a driver of communication towards farmers and facilitator in the dialogue with the Danish Agricultural Agency under the Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark on relaxation of the national legislation on agroforestry.

Sybille Kyed is cand. agro and employed as Head of farm and food policy in Organic Denmark. She is council member in IFOAM EU and for the time being represents IFOAM EU in Civile Dialogue Groups for CAP within the EU Commission. Sybille has a long history within Organic Denmark and has advocated for changes of CAP systems to promote the possibility to have agroforestry in Denmark.