What is a RAIN?

The AFINET project establish nine Regional Agroforestry Innovation Networks (RAIN), with the main aim of allowing and promoting the exchange of knowledge and experiences, ideas, the identification of knowledge gaps and solutions, and to enhance networking between practitioners and researchers.

The composition of the RAINs include a balanced representation of the key actors with complementary type of knowledge (scientific and practical): farmers, researchers, technicians, professional associations, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), advisory services, extension services, administration. 

Each RAIN is coordinated by the Innovation Broker, who forges relationships among RAINs and fosters the exchange of knowledge in nine strategic regions of Europe representing different climatic, geographical, social, and cultural conditions at European level: Spain, United Kingdom, Belgium, Portugal, Poland, Hungary, Italy, France and Finland (countries involved in the project).

The RAINs will take into account the differences between the territories in Europe, to put into practice different effective AF practices, in terms of systems design, management and production and profitability.